Something different in mind..

Über-Ich have spent two years making music together. In that time we released two EPs (2011's Mozaïque and 2013's Come And Fetch Me), won the Grote Prijs van Nederland in 2012 and had a lot of good times.

As much fun as we've had, the time has come for us to focus our attention on other things.

Chris will join Wooden Saints on their second album tour, as well as continue his solo project. Donata is off on an international tour with her band Nosoyo. Marnix has started a solo project called IX, and continues to play with Anne van Veen and Kris Berry & Perquisite.

To celebrate our time together, there will be a final performance on OCTOBER 2ND, at CAFÉ PAKHUIS WILHELMINA. If you've never seen us live, or just want to see us one last time, here's your chance! We will be sharing the stage with our frieds STOPCONTACT.

Chris, Donata and Marnix would like to thank everyone who came to see us play, everyone who listened to our records, everyone who celebrated the weirdness of our band with us. A special thank you goes to Joep and Jelle, our wonderful rhythm section, who have always provided a steady foundation - both musically and mentally.

Our music will remain freely downloadable from our bandcamp page (uber-ich.bandcamp.com). To stay up to date on our members’ activities, visit these websites:


And who knows? Maybe one day you'll wake up to an old familiar noise..



Marnix Dorrestein
Chris Kok
Donata Kramarz


Come And Fetch Me EP

Come And Fetch Me is a brand new EP featuring five songs from our upcoming album.

A pay-what-you-want download is right here: http://uber-ich.bandcamp.com/album/come-and-fetch-me.


Burkina Francisco

We are proud to present to you our new single BURKINA FRANCISCO!

Free download here: http://uber-ich.bandcamp.com/album/burkina-francisco

Video here: http://youtu.be/gS6d-URVaUs


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